Professional Association

The connection to Doemens is not over at graduation. Former students are involved actively in various networks and thus continue to benefit from extensive international contacts and the connection to Doemens. Over the years, several alumni associations have been established:

Alumni Networks

The Presidium of the Confederation of Doemensianer e.V.

Already in 1895, after completing the first Master Brewer’s course,  an “Association of Active and Former Students of the Munich Brewers Academy” was founded. The Confederation, one of Germany’s largest professional associations for brewers and malters, also connects former students with their alma mater and the institute keeps in touch via the “Doemens News” as well as through the yearbook  “The Doemensian”. Today, the Confederation boasts nearly 2000 members in more than 40 countries and is divided into seven sections: Southern Bavaria, Northern Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg, North Rhine-Westphalia, East Germany, Austria, Switzerland and South Tyrol.

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The presidium of the Association of Certified Beer Sommeliers

The Association was founded in 2005. With more than 1,500 members, 15 percent of whom are women, as well as supporting members from the brewing and beverage industry, the fledgling association is already quite influential. Members share the common goal of promoting the image of beer culture and bringing the professional image of the beer sommelier onto the public stage.

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The presidium of the Water Sommelier Union

The first water sommeliers in Germany, trained at the Doemens Savour Academy in the Spring of 2011, founded the Water Sommelier Union in October 2011. The purpose of the Association is the promotion of mineral water enjoyment. More than 100 members have now joined. The numerous activities of these mineral water ambassadors at trade fairs, beverage markets, gastronomic events and many other events underscore the growing popularity of mineral water. The competencies of these graduates is receiving increasing respect from the public.

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