Flavour standards

Basis for efficient sensory training

Sensory testing is one of the most important analytical tools available to breweries and mineral water pumping stations. Sensory impressions that consumers receive from the product are revealed. However, proper sensory assessment technology itilization requires well-trained individuals in order to be an effective tool in internal quality assurance. In addition, more and more internal certification systems require proof that employees are regularly trained.

Doemens Academy Standard Flavours for beer and mineral water offer an excellent tool for in-house staff training, so they can be trained to detect unwanted off-flavours as well as desired flavours in the product. Ease of use and competent training methods – using your own product – allow for targeted and efficient application. Efficient sensory quality control is thus built into your daily operations.

The client can compose the desired flavours individually in appropriate numbers with a minimum order value of 95 euros.

To ensure a targeted training opportunity, Doemens has been offering “flavor kits” for beer for four application areas since July 2022, each containing six different flavor standards (see also “Further information”). The flavor kits consist of

  • a starter kit with common off-flavors such as Diacetyl, DMS or Light Struck.
  • the flavour kit “Aging/Oxidation” (typical off-flavors during beer aging such as Cardboard, Menthanthiolone or Almond).
  • the flavour kit “Contamination” (typical off-flavors due to inadequate industrial hygiene, such as H2S, lactic acid or 4-VG).
  • the flavour kit “fermentation errors”  (typical fermentation by-products such as acetaldehyde, isoamyl acetate or ethyl acetates).

The new flavouring standards also offer persuasive advantages in their application: standard flavour samples are packaged in liquid form in glass ampules, which ensures longer stability (no evaporation of the substances). In addition, the step of dissolving a powder is eliminated and thus samples can be used immediately.

 Doemens offers a total of 40 flavourstandards for beer and 26 flavorstandards for water.
Doemens offers a total of 40 flavourstandards for beer and 26 flavorstandards for water.
Flavour-Kit "KContamination"


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