Board activities


The Board of Trustees of Doemens is composed of individuals from the beverage industry who are actively involved in providing continuous external impulses and support. Dr. Rudolf Michel (GEA Group) has had the Chair since spring 2019 and Rüdiger Selig is the Vice Chairman.

The membership of the Board of Trustees (as of August 2019) is composed as follows:

  • Stephan Barth, Joh. Barth & Sohn
  • Dr. Udo Bühler, Lawyer
  • Wolfgang Burkart, Sachon Publishers
  • Lothar Ebbertz, Bavarian Brewers Association
  • Roland Folz, Pentair
  • Joachim Gehde, Simon Steiner Hops
  • Klaus Gehrig, Ziemann Holvrieka
  • Erika Hinzmann, German Brewers Association
  • Heinz-Jürgen Kroner, GEA Group
  • Rudolf Michel, GEA Group
  • Olaf Müller, Andritz Separation
  • Patrick Kern, Krones
  • Michael Schmitt, Hans Carl Publishers
  • Rüdiger Selig
  • Robert Sprinzl, Ireks Malt
  • Stefan Stang, Association of Bavarian Private Breweries
  • Uta Wüst, Mayor of Gräfelfing