Collaborative trials

Important toolkit for internal and external quality assurance

Analysis results should be accurate and tests reproducible. The performance of one’s own quality assurance laboratory can only be judged by participating in ring analyses and it’s a sure-fire way to counteract production myopia. In a Doemens ring analysis, homogeneous samples from many laboratories are examined using the same, standardized measurement methods and results are statistically evaluated centrally at Doemens.

From the results, participants  can objectively determine the quality of their own analytical facilities and thus compare themselves with others in the beverage industry, official food monitoring agencies, customs administrations or specialist and service institutes. Laboratories can thus clearly, objectively and comprehensibly recognize how close they are to the “true value” with their result and to what extent they are able to correctly analyse their own products within the limits of precision. In addition, participation in ring analyses makes it possible to assess the suitability and performance of various testing methods – and to make adjustments as needed.

Doemens has been offering ring analyses for the beverage industry for more than 20 years. They are carried out for packaged beer, worts, non-alcoholic soft drinks and mineral waters, as well as the evaluation of several group production sites at regular intervals. The Doemens Academy delivers an entire range of chemical-technical, microbiological and sensory ring analyses. Participation in Doemens’ ring analysis offers are open to everyone and not bound by any membership.

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