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In addition to the composition of raw materials and properly managed process management, the yeast strain used in brewing has a significant influence on the quality and character of the brew. For the brewer, microbiological purity, consistent yeast quality and vitality are decisive parameters for quality assurance. With our many years of experience in the fields of yeast breeding and yeast management, we can assist in the selection of optimal yeasts for

  1. developing new beers
  2. brewing specialty beers
  3. producing non-alcoholic beers or malt beverages
  4. maintaining consistent high quality in yeast cultivation at breweries

Our own collection of yeast strains includes pure cultures of more than 120 bottom and top-fermenting brewing yeast strains as well as other cultures, including lactic acid bacteria for biological acidification. In various investigations, yeasts for the production of non-alcoholic beers, sour beers and beers with non-Saccharomyces yeasts were tested and successfully introduced brought to market via the Doemens Academy experimental brewery.

The high quality and widley-respected expertise of our yeast bank staff is confirmed every time an expert team is deployed to the larger brewing groups in the context of supplier audits.

Yeast cultures that leave the yeast bank are created exclusively for the individual customer. The shipping units Schrägagar, 0.5 l liquid culture or 2.5 l liquid culture are only dispatched to the customer after a comprehensive microbiological and chemical-technical inspection. General germination health is checked for foreign yeasts and bacteria that may be harmful for beer, and top-fermenting yeasts used in bottom-fermenting cultures are also checked. Thus, the Doemens yeast bank ensures a high degree of security and purity of the yeast cultures.

Shipment occurs approx. 14 days after receipt of the order, as each culture is freshly bred. In addition, a microbiological quality control of the strains checks for beer-damaging microorganisms in order to guarantee impeccable quality.

In addition, Doemens laboratory experts provide comprehensive and competent advice to customers if required.

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