Doemens 2020

The project

New Doemens facility: A groundbreaking step toward a brighter future

“Doemens 2020” is an ongoing construction project that will see Doemens Academy move in a future-oriented direction – starting with the construction of a new facility in Gräfelfing. Doemens will thus continue to be able to share its unmatched expertise with students in the national and international beverage and food industries in the coming decades.

The new facility will increase the capacity for intensive practical and theoretical teaching and will feature:

  • a flexible, modern technical center that can react quickly to new developments in brewing, beverage and food technology
  • modern, sufficiently large, technically adequate, state-of-the-art training and seminar rooms
  • laboratories with state-of-the-art analysis methods for CTA and microbiology
  • sufficient capacity for a steadily increasing number of faculty and staff

Doemens intends to preserve its identity within the new facility – its special flair – consisting of a mix of hard work, training, and clear communication. It is not intended to be a shiny castle on the hill for “elites”, but a home for the independent Doemens personality.

Doemens needs external support!

The Doemens 2020 project is essential, as future requirements can only be partially addressed at the existing site. This can only happen through external financial support. An important building block is therefore the support of the industry with reasonably appropriate individual financial contributions.

Doemens has initiated a fundraising program for this purpose, “Friends and Support Circle Doemens 2020 e.V.”, to process and assign these charitable donations .

Many thanks to our long list of enthusiastic supporters thus far!



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