Engineering & technological consultation

Working on practical problems

In cooperation with our consultants, practical problems in the field of brewing and beverage technology can be competently managed. Qualified  Doemens consultants

  • analyse processes in the framework of traditional, on-site inspection
  • help develop a targeted approach to technology maintenance
  • help achieve planning milestones by offering efficient solutions in these areas:
  • facility expansion,
  • putting newly installed equipment online,
  • adapting new recipes and production methods,
  • maintaining sterile procedure,
  • optimizing proven production strategies

To check operational sterile procedure methods in order to limit internal weaknesses, our testing laboratory can provide qualified personnel for obtaining sterile samples on-site. Microbiological deficiencies in production processes are analysed and remedial action can be implemented. In close coordination with the client, action plans for refurbishment or development of quality assurance concepts are developed to bring sterility requirements under control. Our Line Assessment can reveal valuable information that can strengthen the efficiency of sterile procedure management.

Further Information

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