Sensory quality assurance

Maintaining continuous sensory competence

Quality and product security represent key consumer demands. As a result, beverage industry associations expect standardised quality assurance measures and application of best practices among their member companies. Certification systems are already becoming more and more common and will only increase in significance. Accordingly, the development and maintenance of a high level of sensory competence are acknowledged success factors in the larger context of quality assurance.

Doemens Academy is one of the leading institutions in the field of sensory assesment technology. Doemens has acquired expertise and an excellent reputation through its Savour Academy and sommelier trainings (beer, water, fruit juice). This theoretical and practical sensory knowledge is applied in a traditional quality assurance framework through seminars and in-house training courses. Through regularly held internal and external training programmes, theoretical and practical content is acquired and knowledge is shared with the customer at a high level.

The advantages for our clients include:

  • intensive training on various product categories from a single source
  • sensory expertise from the front lines
  • sensory competence acquisition for companies that manage certification systems


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