10 years at Doemens: Dr. Andreas Brandl

Among students and work colleagues, he’s known for his dry humour. “Your career choices reveal how intelligent you are” is one of his typical responses when he hears a non-brewer say “I should have been clever enough to become a brewer…”. We’re talking about Dr. Andreas Brandl, who has been here at Doemens Academy for ten years now.

The professional career of this Bavarian native began with an apprenticeship as brewer & maltster and continued with studies in Weihenstephan, from where he successfully graduated as a brewing engineer. He followed up in the supply and production industry with positions in leading companies after taking his doctorate.

In 2010 he moved to Gräfelfing, where he focuses on microbiology, acting as deputy headmaster since 2015. He is an excellent listener and careful analyst. He always makes sure his students and colleagues receive the support and encouragement they need.

He is also involved in strategic planning at the school, taking into account special requests from the teaching staff, mastering tricky situations in everyday school life, teaching and holding seminars, flying off to represent Doemsn in China, attending vocational schools, etc. …. Dr. Brandl’s professional life is indeed varied and challenging, with never a dull moment. For the past ten years, he has mastered each challenge at Doemens with flying colors.

Thank you very much for your dedication and commitment to Doemens Academy, and make sure to keep your sense of humour even when some days don’t go exactly as planned …

Dr. Werner Gloßner (left), CEO of the Doemens Academy, congratulates Dr. Andreas Brandl on the ten-year anniversary
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