20 Years Doemens – Maximilian Roithmeier

At Doemens he is immediately recognized by his signature gestures and general presence: Maximilian Roithmeier, associated with Doemens primarily by his know-how and passion in machine science. Max Roithmeier is a “fixer”, a “tinkerer” and a “handyman” – he has been implementing the Doemens philosophy “From the field, for the field” for 20 years as no other.

His students at the World Brewing Academy (WBA) have experienced this for themselves time and again. His flipchart recordings in the bottling pilot plant are legendary, and his own enthusiasm for bottling technology is transferred instantly to his students.

Max Roithmeier tirelessly pursued the goal of making the fascinating world of filling technology understandable and tangible, always against the background of maintaining product quality. It was of paramount importance for him to enable his students to operate the filling lines effectively and to form a strong team in the process. This master brewer, originally trained at Doemens, will now continue to build on this foundation at the new technical center on Lohenstrasse in Munich-Gräfelfing, beginning in October.

Maximilian Roithmeier (centre) with Doemens CEO Dr. Werner Gloßner (re.) and Deputy Director Dr. Andreas Brandl
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