4th Water Sommelier Course in Taiwan

The 4th Cohort of Water Sommelier Mandarin program has been completed at Kai Ping Culinary School, Taipei, Taiwan, a weekend course ran from April 16th to May 9th.  The program was managed and taught by Dr. Howard Hsia and Yvonne Wu, who have certified 18 new participants this year, which brings a total of 60 certified water sommeliers from the Mandarin Program since 2019.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic Taiwan’s borders remained closed, however, with the convenience of technology, Dr. Peter Schropp was able to hold a session with our participants online.  This year the Mandarin program have also incorporated more food and beverage pairing experience as participants were able to experience the given lessons on water pairing with Chinese cuisine, water pairing with wine, and water pairing with coffee. As for the coffee lecture, Amy Chang who is also a water sommelier from the mandarin program cohort 3, held the lesson on the influence of water on coffee.

The program ended with success as 18 new water sommeliers planning to join the Water Sommelier Union.  We are eager to share this great news to the water sommelier community and we are happy to announce the planned dates for our 2023 Water Sommelier Mandarin Program (cohort 5) in April.

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