Boon Rawd Brewery supports new Doemens building

Boon Rawd Brewery of Bangkok, Thailand, has maintained good relations with Doemens for decades. Isara Khaola-Iead, member of the board, and Santi Bhirombhakdi, chairman of the executive board, were trained as master brewers at Doemens Academy. Dr Fritz Briem has been responsible for technology and product development at the brewery for more than ten years and was previously Managing Director at Doemens. In the past, many seminars on beer and non-alcoholic beverages have also been organised locally in Bangkok by Doemens experts.

Those responsible at Boon Rawd Brewery have followed the developments at Doemens with great interest in recent years, especially the new facility, which they have now supported financially with a generous donation. A brewery delegation led by Isara Khaola-Iead and Dr Fritz Briem came to Gräfelfing in person to get to know the premises and inspect the installation of the Singha lion on the donor wall and in the Academy garden. Former Doemens director Georg Zentgraf was also present at the meeting and took the opportunity to greet his former student Isara Khaola-Iead in person.

The BoonRawd delegation was impressed by the new Doemens building
Isara Khaola-Iead (left) and Georg Zentgraf
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