Doemens 2020: The brewhouse is here

February 2, 2021 was another great day for Doemens. The “heart” of the brewery, our new brewhouse, was delivered to the new building on Lohenstraße. Precision was the order of the day! After unloading the “small parts”, the brewhouse block followed. This is a 4-unit Kaspar Schulz brewhouse for 5 hectoliters of consisting of a mash tun, lauter tun, wort kettle and whirlpool.

A major priority for the new training and pilot brewery is to guarantee flexibility in the brewhouse, so we can implement a variety of brewing methods using a wide range of raw materials to achieve different brewing results. We are already looking forward to our first brews and would like to thank the Edith Haberland Foundation and the Kaspar Schulz company for their generous support!

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