Doemens 2020: The labeler is ready

The Krones company is generously supporting the new Doemens facility with a new labeling machine. Doemens machine specialists Maximilian Roithmeier and Winfried Sahlmann had the opportunity to inspect the machine at the Neutraubling plant at the end of February. Carsten Englert of Krones demonstrated the completely enclosed machine with an output of 4000 bottles per hour.

Three different bottle types (NRW 0.5 l, Vichy 0.33 l, Gourmet 0.33 l) can be labeled. In addition, two units are used for the shoulder/body label and the back label. “For training purposes using our own Doemens labels, the Krones labeler is perfect,” according to Roithmeier and Sahlmann. Sincere thanks to Krones for providing the machine for our bottling pilot plant scheduled for delivery in May.

Winfried Sahlmann (left) and Maximilian Roithmeier are thrilled with the new Krones labeler for the bottling plant in the new Doemens building.
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