Doemens appoints Dr. Blümelhuber as deputy CEO

At its last meeting, the Doemens board appointed Dr. Gerrit Blümelhuber as Deputy CEO beginning January 1st 2020. President Georg Schneider emphasizes that the secure representation of Doemens Academy is a top priority:  “Especially in this intense phase of new construction planning and realisation, Doemens has to hold many crucial discussions with suppliers and planners and Dr. Gloßner is grateful for the extra support. We know we can count on close coordination between these two gentlemen, and Dr.Gloßner will remain responsible for making final decisions. We are confident that Dr. Gerrit Blümelhuber is highly qualified for this task and will help us meet the stated Doemens goals.”

This decision will not change the management structure within the Doemens organisation. Dr. Andreas Brandl will still head up the school, Dr. Michael Zepf will continue to lead the Savour Academy and Dr. Blümelhuber will continue as chief of the Consulting, Seminars and Services department.

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