Doemens is in good hands

We have experienced difficult times recently and still have a steep path ahead to navigate. As a community, we are called upon to emerge from the crisis even stronger and to help shape our common future. This cannot be done by waiting passively; we must be prepared to act! Doemens‘ performance has been surprisingly strong this year. Our core mission, the training of master brewers and beverage technologists as well as food professionals and beverage business administrators, was never in question and I am happy that Doemens was able to be a reliable partner for yet another generation of beverage industry professionals.

The Doemens team deserves all the credit for delivering the goods. Each individual member gave his or her best—and more. With great astonishment, I experienced levels of enthusiasm and creativity unleashed during this time of crisis well beyond expectations. New teaching formats were conceived, new technologies introduced and new opportunities developed. This is a team that has proven itself in times of crisis and of which we as the Doemens family can be proud. Doemens is in good hands!

On top of all this, we have a new building! What has been built in Gräfelfing on the Lohenstraße is quite impressive. The construction work, with the usual “aches and pains”, continues on schedule and on budget. Dr. Werner Gloßner and his team are mastering a Herculean task here! A complete competence center for beverage and food technology is underway.

The new site represents a departure into a brighter future – one that will need re-shaping. I am confident that we will succeed and I am grateful that we have the right people in the right places. Whether on the Board of Trustees, in the Friends of Doemens Association, in the Association of Doemensians or among our membership – everyone has a contribution to make!

This success story is being coordinated by Dr. Werner Gloßner and his fine team. For this you have my thanks and the gratitude of the entire Doemens family! God grant happiness and blessings to all!


Georg Schneider
President, Doemens e.V.

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