Doemens services in the age of corona

The current crisis has also impacted Doemens Academy, of course. We reacted early on and are maintaining our business operations in compliance with legal requirements. In addition, we can guarantee a continuing flow of essential services for our clients – through webinars, for example. Even as certain restrictions still apply to our everyday lives, we continue to actively monitor developments, offer solutions and adjust our service offerings in accordance with the agreed-upon guidelines. In the future, we will continue to inform you of any new developments via our usual channels. Below you can read about the status (as of April 24, 2020) of our various services.

World Brewing Academy (WBA)

Scheduled continuation of the International Diploma in Brewing Technology Program and the Master Brewer Program in Munich-Gräfelfing is planned for the coming Fall. For further information:


We expect to resume regular seminar operations beginning this Fall. Doemens Academy will also resume our popular, customized in-house seminars for clients during the coming Fall season.

We have recently conducted several one-hour webinars on specific topics for a variety of target groups. For example, webinars on “Gin and Bottling Hygiene” were very well received. If you have further suggestions for addressing specific topics, we look forward to hearing from you: Dr. Gerrit Blümelhuber,

Seminars Savour & Sensory

The International Beer Sommelier course will be held from September 7th to 18th, 2020.

We will conduct in-house seminars on the topics of enjoyment and sensory assessment beginning this September.

Consulting, services, laboratory & yeast bank

The consulting business and our services department continue unabated, with many projects being handled on-site. You may contact us by phone at any time with your requests. We will continue to support you via communication technology!

Doemens’ laboratory operations (microbiology, CTA, yeast bank) are guaranteed for customers. Laboratory samples can be sent to Doemens and will be analyzed and evaluated within the desired framework. Yeast orders are processed and orders shipped promptly. In addition, we offer telephone consultation for all yeast-related questions.

All other services such as nutrient media, flavour standards, brewing orders, filling and product development are carried out in the usual professional manner.

If you have any wishes/suggestions for improvements to our service offerings, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are constantly working on improving the efficiency of our services and will continue to provide you with our full range of solutions – even during these difficult times we must all face together.

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