Doemens visits Lallemand plant in Vienna

Dry yeasts are a sensible alternative for uninterrupted brewing processes, especially for smaller breweries without their own yeast breeding facilities or for companies with irregular brewing operations. For many years, we have been offering dry yeasts from the “LalBrew” series, ranging from Belgian brewer’s yeast (LalBrew AbbayeTM) to neutral, bottom-fermenting lager yeast (LalBrew NovaLagerTM). The yeasts come from the Canadian company Lallemand, which are produced at the Vienna site and elsewhere.

Doemens Managing Directors Dr. Werner Gloßner and Dr. Gerrit Blümelhuber visited the Lallemand plant in the 16th district (Ottakring) with Doemens Laboratory Manager Lukas Schappals. Plant Manager Markus Walzer and Karl Burger, Lallemand Area Manager, gave their insight into production and the company’s philosophy during a tour of the plant. The two companies have enjoyed a successful partnership for many years, particularly in the exclusive distribution of LalBrew yeasts in 500 g aluminium block packs.

Many thanks to the entire Lallemand team for this eye-opening factory tour and for their hospitality!

(right to left) Dr. Werner Gloßner, Dr. Gerrit Blümelhuber, Markus Walzer und Lukas Schappals
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