Dr. Peter Schropp celebrates 25 years with Doemens

Dr. Peter Schropp is not a brewer and likes to cultivate his image as “the exotic one” in the academy. Since 1995, the Doctor of Food Chemistry has been responsible for a wide range of duties at Doemens. Among other things, he was responsible for the Food Master training programme for many years and taught subjects such as chemistry, quality management, food law and food science as well as the production of soft drinks and sensory quality assurance. Over the years he has developed a particular liking for sensory analysis, becoming THE acknowledged expert worldwide in the process, especially in the assessment of the sensory diversity of water.

Peter Schropp is a visionary who saw market opportunities for Doemens, which he pursued with great passion and determination. First and foremost, he is responsible for water sommelier training programmes, which he has successfully managed since 2011, including the growth of our international sectors. Peter Schropp is in demand as a mineral and spring water expert both at home and abroad and constantly shares his expertise as consultant and trainer. Since 2019, he has also been responsible for designing and implementing the professional development programme for fruit juice sommeliers, with the result that both courses were fully booked early in both 2019 and 2020.

Doemens would like to thank Dr. Peter Schropp for his tireless deeds over the past 25 years, for his commitment and for his groundbreaking work. His ideas/visions will surely carry on into the future and we will remain curious to see which of his projects will be realized next.

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