European Beer Star: Association of Private Breweries terminates cooperation with Doemens

The Managing Directors of the Private Breweries, Roland Demleitner and Stefan Stang, have informed Doemens that, with immediate effect, the “European Beer Star” tasting competition will be held without Doemens, their partner of many years.

Since the pretest in 2003, Doemens has developed the tasting categories for the European Beer Star according to the conceptual approach of the Private Breweries, has created the category descriptions and has constantly taken the lead in expanding them in an international context. Every year since 2004, Doemens has also been responsible for beer delivery and storage, for the organisation and implementation of the tasting competition as well as for the training of the tasting team leaders, and has also provided the tasting rooms.

This marks the end of a 20-year success story. With its know-how, international network and excellent reputation, Doemens contributed significantly to the establishment and development of the European Beer Star.

The reasons for the termination? Certainly not the spacious new premises in the new Doemens facility, and certainly not a lack of competence and professionality, apparent again in 2022. For the European Beer Star 2022, Doemens supplied the complete know-how for developing the representation of beer aromas.

The Association of Private Breweries named the Nuremberg Exhibition Centre as its future tasting venue and shipping partner. Doemens declined an invitation to become a sponsor, like the logistics company Quehenberger.

“It is a great pity and it came abruptly. Doemens would have liked to continue being a part of the success story of the European Beer Star. Nevertheless, we wish the competition every success,” says Doemens managing director Dr Werner Gloßner. Our sensory know-how and our partnership potential will continue,” says Dr. Michael Zepf, head of Doemens‘ Savor Academy, and Dr. Gerrit Blümelhuber, who was in charge of the tasting, adds: “We have proven many times that we can conduct professional tastings.“

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