European Beer Star: Doemens as reliable partner

Doemens Academy was once again the venue for Europe’s greatest beer competition. On October 10th and 11th, a two-day beer-tasting competition in Europe took place in Munich-Gräfelfing. This year, almost 2500 beers from 47 countries faced a verdict from more than 145 tasters from 28 countries, who awarded gold, silver or bronze in a total of 67 categories.

The Association of Bavarian Private Breweries has been successfully organising and conducting the tasting competition since 2004, with annual increases in the number of beers sent in. With Doemens Academy, the event has a reliable partner at its side. The Doemens team manages the logistics challenges brilliantly, despite annual increases in beer submissions and rather cramped conditions.

More than 35,000 beers were picked, labeled and sorted over a three week period by a team of assistants led by Björn Bleier. “Thankfully, we’ve already had several years of experience, otherwise this effort would be difficult to manage,” explains Doemens’ Managing Director Dr. Werner Gloßner.

On the day before the tasting competition, a team leader seminar took place at Doemens. Doemens Academy commandeered its sensory assessment experts for this task. For years, Dr. Michael Zepf and Dr. Wolfgang Stempfl have been responsible for competently preparing and revising the descriptions of the many beer categories. The division head of Doemens’ Savour Academy, Dr. Michael Zepf, assigned more than 30 “Team Captains” to manage new (and some surprising) categories during the four-hour seminar.

During the two-day expert tasting event, which included a total of 16 tasting rounds, the brewer trainees and brewing technology students (approx. 100 people!) of Doemens Academy ensured the smooth running of the competition. The beers to be tasted were selected from refrigerated containers and delivered in a timely fashion to the waiting teams. The selected beers were then expertly poured into marked glasses and delivered to the appropriate tasting tables.

The winners will be announced on November 13th at the BrauBeviale in Nuremberg.

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