European Beer Star maintains close ties with Doemens

Doemens Academy once again hosted Europe’s greatest variety of beer styles. On August 4th – 5th , Europe’s largest beer competition took place in the new Doemens facility for the second time across two days. This year, almost 2200 beers from 41 countries worldwide were judged by over 130 tasters from 32 countries, who awarded gold, silver and bronze medals in a total of 73 categories.

Since the launch of European Beer Star (EBS), Doemens has maintained close ties with brewery association “Private Brauereien”. Above all, Doemens brings proven sensory assessment expertise to the tasting competition. This includes the creation and constant updating of beer category descriptions as well as concept development for the reliable production of accurate sensory profile reports.

In addition, Dr. Michael Zepf again guided the team leaders on the day before the tasting competition, as he has in the past. During the seminar, the head of Doemens’ Savour Academy introduced his “Table Captains” to their multifaceted areas of responsibility and also presented beers in these new categories:

  • Italian Grape Ale,
  • Red Ale,
  • Flavoured or Pastry Stou,
  • New-Style Non-Alcoholic Ale

Then their unique sensory characteristics were introduced. In a total of 252 tasting rounds, the Table Captains guided the professional tasters through the two-day tasting. The evaluation principles are, on the one hand, fulfilment of the category-specific variety requirements and, on the other hand, assessment of each brew according to various criteria (taste, smell, colour, etc.).

Sophisticated logistics are part of the support which Doemens Academy provides. More than 25,000 beers were selected, labelled and sorted for four weeks since the end of June by a team of helpers led by project manager Raic Gröper. “We already have years of experience, otherwise this effort would hardly be manageable,” explains Doemens Business Manager Dr. Werner Gloßner.

During the two-day tasting by the experts, Doemens maintained oversight in a professional manner. The beers that entered the competition were selected from refrigerated containers and brought to individual teams of helpers. The beers were then poured into marked glasses and brought to the corresponding tasting tables.

Most entries came from Germany, Italy and the USA, followed by Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, China, Brazil, the Netherlands and France. The winners will be announced on September 14th, 2022 at drinktec in Munich.

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Dr. Michael Zepf orienting the Table Captains
Comprehensive and versatile sensory assessment expertise: (l-r) Dr. Wolfgang Stempfl, Dr. Michael Zepf, Simon Roßmann, Marlene Speck, Dr. Werner Gloßner, Hans-Peter Drechsler and Fabian Staudinger
Dr. Michael Zepf
Dr. Werner Gloßner (2nd from right)
Project leader Raic Gröper handling logistics
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