Fifth water sommlier course in Taiwan

Taiwan – after Germany – boasts the largest number of certified water sommeliers! This is mainly thanks to the commitment of Yvonne Wu and Howard Hsia, who have now successfully offered their version of the Doemens water sommelier course in Taipei for the fifth time. The partnership between Doemens Academy and the  Kai Ping Culinary School in Taipei has already been in place since 2018. Especially for people interested in mineral water who do not speak English, and for whom the international course in Munich at Doemens is therefore not an option, the Taipei programme is an excellent opportunity to acquire profound knowledge about mineral waters and sensory analysis. The Kai Ping Culinary School also has 3 of its own training restaurants, so that the topic of “food pairing” in particular can be taught here in a very detailed and practical way.

For the first time, a meeting of the members of the Wassersommelier Union (WSU) in Taiwan took place after the course programme was concluded. 27 members of the WSU were welcomed by the two WSU representatives for China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan – Yvonne Wu and Howard Hsia – and by WSU Managing Director Peter Schropp. Of course, mineral water tastings for sensory training were the focus of this meeting in Taipei – just like at the official WSU annual meetings. From basic tastes to off-flavours and water descriptions to the ever-popular game of “water darts”, the participants were able to brush up on and deepen their sensory knowledge in the best possible way!

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