Filtrox sponsors filter module

Filtration is an important aspect of the beer brewing process. In order to give students and interns a more comprehensible, transparent and hands-on learning experience, the Swiss company Filtrox has donated a filter module to Doemens Academy. At the end of November,  Christoph Föhr, Filtrox Global Market Manager for beer & spirits, presented the module to Doemens filtration expert Björn Bleier and to the deputy Head of Doemens, Dr. Andreas Brandl.

The module is used by our students to help understand the filtration process more thoroughly. The aim is to present the filter structure and the various filtration steps during the brewing process. “This fits perfectly within the traditional parameters of Doemens’ teaching methodology as developed over several decades: in addition to theoretical knowledge transfer, practical implementation is integrated into all of our courses. A heartfelt thank you goes to Filtrox for providing this filter module,” said Bleier.

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