Finest Beer Selection: successful start with almost 900 beers

A perfect start for the newly conceived Finest Beer Selection by Meininger & Doemens. Almost 200 breweries from 18 countries registered a total of 880 beers for the premiere tasting, which was held at Doemens in Gräfelfing from October 10th to 12th, 2023 under the highest quality standards.

During the blind tasting, a 50-member international jury of experts analysed and evaluated the beers individually, independently and not in a ranking comparison with other beers. In the course of the two-stage tasting process, the jury first created an aromatic description for each beer, the “Finest Beer Profile” as a Spiderweb diagram. Based on this, the sensory evaluation takes place. The basis for this “Finest Beer Score” is an easy-to-follow 100-point system. Beers that are awarded a “Finest Beer Score” of 90 or more points make it into the Finest Beer Selection 2023.

 “The Finest Beer Selection is the transparent quality benchmark that not only breweries but also gastronomy, beverage wholesalers and beverage retailers can use effectively: transparent, clear and thus easy to understand as well as neutrally created by professionals,” Doemens CEO Dr Werner Gloßner emphasises the advantages of the new, contemporary tasting format. And Christian Wolf, Director Degustation and member of the management at Meininger Verlag, adds: “With the Finest Beer Selection, we are creating real added value for quality beers with a clear focus on the beer consumer.”

Even in the run-up to the event, there was great interest in the Finest Beer Selection and the cooperation between Meininger Verlag and Doemens. Numerous renowned breweries were immediately convinced by the innovative concept and registered their beers early. Furthermore, the organisers were able to win committed partners: Weyermann is the platinum partner, Hopsteiner, Siemens and Krones are among the premium partners, other partners are the companies Rastal and Winterhalter as well as the Association of certified Beer Sommeliers and the Bund der Doemensianer, who support the event ideally.

Now the participating breweries, the expert jury and the organisers are eagerly awaiting the festive award ceremony. On November 6th, 2023 in Neustadt an der Weinstraße, the home of Meininger Verlag, all the beers that make it into the Finest Beer Selection 2023 will be awarded. In addition, special prizes will be awarded to the Breweries of the Year and the Beers of the Year. After the announcement, all the winning beers will be presented to a broad target group from the trade and gastronomy with extensive coverage in a special print, the various Meininger media and online via

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Visual appearance, aroma and taste are assessed individually
Concentrated atmosphere during the three-day tasting
880 beers from 18 countries were evaluated by the expert jury
The 50-strong expert jury of the Finest Beer Selection 2023
International tasting experts like Simonmattia Riva (ITA) on the jury panel
Individual description and evaluation of each beer
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