Finest Beer Selection: the new quality seal powered by Meininger und Doemens

With “Finest Beer Selection”, Meininger Verlag and Doemens present – for the first time and exclusively – a quality seal for beers featuring an easily comprehensible evaluation standard. In contrast to the usual beer competitions, this is not a competition between beer styles. Rather, it is an annual sensory assessment test.

Respected beer experts with many years of tasting experience analyse and evaluate the beers using proven sensory assessment techniques. This is done using individual brew samples, without comparing them with competitors. Based on a 100-point tasting scheme, which is based on years of experience and best practices, each beer receives an individual rating, the “Finest Beer Score“, which comprehensibly shows the classification. Beers with a Finest Beer Score of 90 or higher are included in the annual selection the Finest Beer Selection, and receive an award.

This transparent assessment standard provides breweries as well as wholesale and retail traders, the catering trade and the consumer with an important quality criterion and is intended to establish itself in the national and international brewing industry as a unique compass for beer quality. In the medium term, the aim is to achieve public awareness with great resonance and enormous reach, a system that is already highly respected in the international wine industry.

As part of the blind tasting, the expert jury also creates an individual aroma profile for each beer, the so-called “Finest Beer Profile“, in the form of a Spiderweb diagram. Together with the Finest Beer Score, this represents true added value and provides an effective communication tool for the award-winning breweries.

Registration for the Finest Beer Selection starts in mid-April 2023, the beers can then be sent to Doemens from the beginning of September. From 10 to 12 October 2023, the tasting will take place at Doemens. The winning Selection beers will be presented to a broad audience with considerable circulation and coverage and honoured at an awards ceremony.

Cooperation sealed: Andrea Meininger-Apfel, Managing Director Meininger Verlag, Christoph Meininger (r.), Managing Director Meininger Verlag and Dr. Werner Gloßner, Managing Director Doemens
Bundling excellent sensory expertise for the Finest Beer Selection: (from right) Benjamin Brouër, Deputy Editor-in-Chief FIZZZ, Meininger Verlag, Dr. Gerrit Blümelhuber, Deputy Managing Director Doemens, Christian Wolf, Member of the Management Board Meininger Verlag, Dr. Werner Gloßner, Managing Director Doemens and Dr. Michael Zepf, Head of the Doemens Savour Academy.
Exceptional beers boasting a Finest Beer Score of 90 or higher are included and awarded in the annual Finest Beer Selection
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