Finest Beer Selection with first-class partners

What would a new beer tasting format be without excellent partners from the brewing industry? Finest Beer Selection by Meininger & Doemens is looking forward to working with global natural resources enterprises Weyermann®Malz and Hopsteiner. Weyermann Malz, a world-renowned producer of specialty malts, has always been committed to beer diversity. The Bamberg-based company fully supports the Beer Selection concept with its transparent, comprehensible evaluation standards and is happy to assist this global effort as a premium partner.

The Hopsteiner company is one of the world’s largest trading houses with its own hop farms and refining plants. They not only deliver high-quality and innovative products, but also attach great importance to supporting sustainable projects such as Finest Beer Selection. The company appreciates the advantages of the new tasting format: transparent quality benchmarks, individual evaluation of all beers and outstanding sensory assessment expertise.

Many thanks to both companies for their supporting contributions! Further partners will be presented shortly!


Weyermann Managing Director Sabine Weyermann and Ulrich Ferstl (left), Team Leader - Direct Customers and Food, with Doemens Managing Director Dr. Werner Gloßner
Hopsteiner Managing Director Joachim Gehde (right) and Technical Director Frank Peifer
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