First spanish-language Doemens Biersommelier course premiered at Doemens

After many years of successful courses in Spain and Latin America, the first spanish-language Doemens Biersommelier course premiered in June 2024 at the Doemens Academy in Gräfelfing near Munich. During the two weeks of the Biersommlier course, the participants went to Riegele Brewery in Augsburg for a brewing day and on a two day excursion to Bamberg. After ending the course with a multicourse food and beer pairing, course leader, Cilene Saorin, awarded the participants from seven different countries (Spain, USA, Colombia, Panama, Germany and Chile) with certificates for the Doemens Biersommelier and welcomed them  to the large international family of beersommeliers.

Many thanks to Cilene for the very successful implementation of the course and the enthusiasm with which she immediately infected all participants. Therefore all were enthusiastic about the training, which, in addition to imparting enormous knowledge, was also a lot of fun. After this very successful premiere, we are already planning the next Doemens Biersommelier course in Spanish in Gräfelfing next year. Further information from Cilene Saorin at


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