John Hannafan – General Manager and Director of Education, Siebel Institute

The Siebel Institute of Technology in Chicago, USA, announced the appointment of John Hannafan to the position of General Manager and Director of Education. John currently holds the position of Vice President and Director of Education at Siebel.

In this newly created role, John will continue to oversee the school’s operations, adding global strategy and business development responsibilities. He will preserve Siebel’s legacy and relevance as one of the oldest and most respected brewing schools in the world. John will also promote the school’s position as a leader in brewing education and research while seeking new business opportunities – both externally and internally – that expand the school’s presence not only regarding brewing but also in the distilling industry.

Since joining Siebel Institute in 2013, John has been instrumental in maintaining school operations and strengthening the relationship with World Brewing Academy (WBA) partner Doemens Academy. Additionally, he has formed and maintained mutually significant partnerships with organizations such as the Michael James Jackson Foundation, the Illinois Craft Brewers Guild, and the Pink Boots Society to make brewing education accessible to all through the creation and support of scholarship programs.

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