Julia Bär appointed the new head of the EBC Sensory Group

Julia Bär, employee of the Savour Academy at Doemens and head of part-time training programm, where candidates become a Bachelor of Food Production Technology and Operations, has been appointed the new head of the Sensory Committee by the Brussels-based EBC (European Brewery Convention). The work of the EBC is based on various working groups (Barley & Malt, Beer & Wort, Hops, Microbiology, Packaging, Sensory Assessment) in which numerous experts from all over Europe develop solutions to complex problems.

The task of Julia Bär and her team is to revise and optimize existing Analytica-EBC methods and to develop and establish new analysis specifications on current topics. These are methods of sensory analysis that breweries use for sensory assessments in quality assurance protocols.

Julia Bär is a proven sensory specialist. After completing her studies in Food Technology at the Technical University of Munich, she was head of the sensory department at the Chair of Brewing and Beverage Technology in Weihenstephan (TU Munich) for four years with a focus on “Analytical Sensory Analysis”. She gained a wide range of practical experience by conducting numerous contract tastings for the brewing and beverage industry and by organizing internal and external seminars on the subject of sensory analysis.

Since joining the Doemens Academy, Julia Bär has been contributing her sensory expertise to teaching as well as to on-site and in-house training courses, including individual consulting

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