Michael Eder celebrates 20 years with Doemens

He completed a two-year training programme at Doemens to become a master brewer/production manager, he’s a globetrotter, completing professional engagements in Japan, Cyprus, Austria and Cameroon before arriving at Doemens, and is now in charge of WBA training in the USA as well as being present at international seminars worldwide. Doemens veteran Michael Eder celebrates his 20th anniversary with the academy.

Not only has Doemens evolved over the years, but its employees have also been entrusted with new tasks. Michael Eder is now involved in many areas, ranging from teaching duties to the Savour Academy to the World Brewing Academy (WBA).

Born in Lower Bavaria, he is regarded as an excellent lecturer and a competent partner when it comes to topics relating to dispensing systems. Michael Eder is constantly developing new seminar themes, such as Trappist beers, Lambic or Geuze beers, which are very popular.

The Doemens team would like to express its sincere thanks for Michael Eder’s 20 years of commitment to excellence and we look forward to many more years in a collegial and familiar environment.

Michael Eder (li.) and Dr. Werner Gloßner
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