Munich Style Hell and Oktoberfestbier – Seminar for Japanese Brewers

Dr Michael Zepf provided insights into the production of lager beers, particularly Munich Hell and Oktoberfest beer, during a day-long seminar for a valued delegation of Japanese brewers. The seminar took place as part of the Brewer’s Tour 2023 led by Sebastian Hohentanner, bringing participants from Japan to Spalt, Bayreuth, Bamberg and, finally, Munich. Sebastian Hohentanner runs the BET Co. company in Tokyo, which supports breweries in Japan with know-how as well as supplying them with raw materials. Sebastian Hohentanner is also a Doemens partner, having operated beer sommelier training courses in Japan for many years.

The seminar highlighted technological contexts and pitfalls that every brewer should be aware of, especially when brewing lager beer. Thus, for this professional audience in Japan, important individual aspects from throughout the brewing process were examined in detail, underpinned with important tips from operational practice. The theoretical overview was then further supported with guided tastings of seven Munich Hell beers and six Oktoberfest beers.

The seminar took place on the premises of the Giesinger Braumanufaktur, where attention was also paid to careful sensory assessment of the various brew selections. “For our Japanese brewer colleagues, it was important to glean expertise from highly recognised beer experts and to integrate this new knowledge into their everyday work,” emphasises Sebastian Hohentanner.

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