New head of Doemens laboratories

Since mid-May 2023, Lukas Schappals has been leading a team of six as head of the Doemens laboratories. A principle focus will be on theoretical and practical CTA teaching as part of the master brewer training programme. The services offered by the laboratories range from a comprehensive yeast bank featuring more than 120 bottom- and top-fermenting brewery yeasts, extensive chemical-technical and microbiological analytical tools such as flavor standards for training taster panels in the beverage industry. Another business field is the production and distribution of microbiological culture media.

After completing his studies at the Technical University of Munich-Weihenstephan with an M.Sc. in Brewing and Beverage Technology, Schappals first worked as an Assistant Brewmaster in Nepal. This was followed by several years at a large German wheat beer brewery as the coordinator for process optimization and a position as head of quality assurance, sustainability and occupational safety at a medium-sized brewery.

Lukas Schappals (middle) with Doemens-CEO Dr Werner Gloßner (left) and Managing Director Dr. Gerrit Blümelhuber
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