New head of the pilot and training brewery

She is Doemens homegrown: As of September 15, 2023, Dorothea Schiffmann has been head of the Doemens pilot and training brewery, where she is primarily responsible for all brews – from master brews to contract brews and product developments – as well as for the fermentation and storage cellar, including dealcoholization, filtration and separation. She will also manage internships in the filling department.

Born in Friedberg, she completed her apprenticeship as brewer and maltster at a renowned Munich brewery, where she worked for another couple of years as a journeywoman in the brewhouse, fermentation cellar and harvest yeast cellar. This was followed by two years of further training at Doemens to become a state-certified brewing/beverage technologist and Master Brewer (IHK).

As a brewing and beverage technologist, she then worked for two years at a well-known medium-sized brewery as head of the bottling department. Her duties also included deputizing for the brewmaster team, production planning, personnel management of all production staff, along with process optimization and troubleshooting in the new production plant.

Dorothea Schiffmann with Dr. Gerrit Blümelhuber, Deputy Managing Director Doemens
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