Peter Schropp turned 60 years

He describes himself as an “exotic” at Doemens. He has been an integral and important part of the Doemens Academy for 27 years. The food chemist, who holds a doctorate, takes on a wide range of tasks, especially in the field of sensory analysis (mineral water, fruit juice), he has gained a great reputation nationally and internationally in recent years, as well as in the training courses for water sommelier (since 2011) and fruit juice sommelier (since 2018), which he initiated and successfully introduced to the market.

At the beginning of October, Peter Schropp turned 60 years young. The Doemens team wishes him all the best and thanks him for his many years of tireless commitment to the benefit of Doemens. Because the name Doemens in the non-alcoholic sector is very closely associated with the person Peter Schropp.


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