Sommelier de Agua: Water Sommelier training available now in Spanish

Doemens Academy has been offering water sommelier training since 2011. What began as a two-week course in German for the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) has established itself internationally in recent years. To meet the steadily growing international demand, an English-language course was developed for the first time in 2016, which has since been held at least once a year at Doemens Academy. Finally, in 2019, a course in Mandarin followed, which was designed together with our partner, Kaiping Culinary School in Taiwan, and has since been held once a year in Taipei.

In 2024, a Spanish version of our successful course will be offered for the first time. This will be conducted from September 9th – 20th, 2024 by Rosa Elena Pita Coelho, a Venezuelan who successfully completed the course at Doemens this year. As a chemical engineer with many years of professional experience in the water sector, she has excellent knowledge of all aspects of water. She is supported – especially in the sensory tastings – by Dr. Peter Schropp, who has been in charge of all water sommelier activities since the start. The course will be held in Gräfelfing near Munich; the venue is thus easily accessible from the airport, thereby attracting participants from Spain as well as South and Central America.

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To a successful cooperation: Rosa Elena Pita Coelho and Dr Peter Schropp
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