The new Doemens facility is still on schedule

A review: in May, 2019 the ground-breaking ceremony which marked the start of construction activities took place on the property in Lohenstraße in Gräfelfing. In June of 2019 excavation began, followed by securing the dig and laying the foundation. It was an exciting time as we watched the bare bones of the building as it rose quickly. You visit the construction site, watch the frame go up, and a few days later you drive by and see a huge new section of wall. And so it continued apace. In May, 2020, just after Easter, the outer shell had reached its full height.

About a month and a half later, construction of the shell was completed and since then numerous installers have taken over the site: windows are being framed, glazing installed, the façade, raw electrical installations, ventilation and heating are being mounted, the roof is sealed. As of today, we expect to be given the keys by October, 2021 and the move should be completed by November.

Parallel to the work taking place on site, the logistics of delivering equipment to the Technical Center have been under discussion with our partners. Under the leadership of the Doemens planning team, our partners have been closely involved in the evolution of the new brewhouse technology, the fermentation and storage cellar, the distillery, the malthouse, the bottling line and the food technology center. The current schedule foresees the brewhouse being installed in March, 2021 and the rest of the pilot plant from May, 2021. The commissioning should be completed by August, 2021.

Fundraising for the new Academy building was almost brought to a standstill by Corona. Before the outbreak and the pandemic, however, the industry showed itself to be very cooperative. Well over 100 companies and private individuals were solicited for donations. We are sticking to our goal of generating two million Euros to help fund the ongoing construction project and look forward to the brewing and beverage industry regaining their focus and meeting their funding commitments as we approach the new year.

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