The webinar: A useful tool for knowledge transfer

“Keeping up these initial restrictions are important, even though they make life difficult. Sometimes you just don’t know what to do with all this extra time. So why not register for a webinar?”, said Dr. Gerrit Blümelhuber, Head of the Doemens Consulting, Seminars & Services business unit, of Doemens Academy’s expanded webinar offerings in the age of Corona. His assessment was spot-on. Both of the most recent webinars, “Line Assessment – Hygiene in the Filling Line” and “Gin – Practical Aspects of Production”, were met with lively participation on the one hand and very positive responses on the other. “Super! Especially the tips on botanical dosage”, “Pleasant to hear all of this information; it was a great way to spend Thursday afternoon” and “I really enjoyed the webinar and will keep my eyes open for further activities like this” were just some of the many positive responses received.

What have we learned from all this feedback? Doemens webinars will play a major role going forward. Participants can benefit from the wealth of experience of Doemens Academy’s instructors in conducting webinars. For a long time now, webinars have been successfully rolled out during block seminars (blended learning). The main advantage over simple presentations via Facebook, YouTube & Co. is the ability to interact with participants. This makes the content even more important and the transfer of knowledge is more lively and tangible! In the near future, “in the age of Corona”, we will offer even more webinars, featuring new content about current topics. And the quality will continue to improve.

Beginning this Fall, we will be adding webinars to our seminar portfolio, with over 30 seminars per year. If specific content for your target group is desired, please contact Dr. Gerrit Blümelhuber: We are very much looking forward to creating more webinars for you and we welcome your feedback, as always!

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