WBA Master: historical beer brewing

Since the beginning of June, the students of the World Brewing Academy (WBA) have been at Doemens Academy to successfully complete the Master Brewer Program. The module “Advanced Applied Brewing Techniques”, which lasts until the end of July, primarily focuses on practice. Therefore every week the Master course splits into two groups to brew at two different locations: one group brews at Doemens’ 5hl brew house while the other group is brewing at a local brewery.

A new addition to the program is historical beer brewing at the “Markus Wasmeier Freilichtmuseum Schliersee”. The students were excited to experience brewing beer as it was done 300 years ago. Under the expert guidance of brewer and beer sommelier Olaf Krüger, the group brewed a “Dunkel ” on the wood-fired brew house. Thanks to the historic equipment, they were able to precisely follow the process from mashing to wort cooling since every step must be done by hand.

The brewing recipe was created beforehand during class with Michael Eder’s support. This brewing experience showed that great brewing results can even be achieved with historical equipment and traditional procedures. Craft brewing, historical beer brewing and a wonderful Bavarian ambience made this day a unique experience!


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