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The primary question currently facing me as Doemens President is: “What will happen to Doemens Academy in 2022 and beyond?” One thing is certain: thanks to the new building, Doemens is optimally positioned and equipped. This is already apparent in the business areas “School”, “Savour Academy ” as well as “Consulting, Seminars and Services” – despite the pandemic – and will certainly bring success in the medium to long term.

What makes me so confident? I sense an enormous cohesion and commitment from the entire staff. The “Doemens family” and the “Doemens network” are Doemens Academy’s guarantors of success and a strong foundation on which to build our future. The Corona pandemic has focussed Doemens on building cohesion, through understanding the situation we’re all in and taking appropriate measures. Our collective will enable us to master the Corona crisis together.

I was also impressed by the fact that new concepts were developed and successfully introduced to the market in this difficult situation: Distillate sommelier training, for example, along with the reorientation of beer sommelier certification training are just two successful implementations. And despite these difficult conditions, we have successfully carried out several international consulting assignments.

I am proud of what the Doemens team has achieved in the last few months. The new building is up and running as are business operations, and we now have optimal conditions to fully meet the requirements of the beverage industry and to serve it efficiently. Top trained specialists and managers as well as top consultation and service packages are four key criteria. I am more than optimistic about the future of Doemens: The Academy is well equipped, and an entire industry will benefit from this! God grant happiness and blessings to all!


Georg Schneider

President, Doemens e.V.

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