World Brewing Academy: successful completion by students in the Master’s program

The International Diploma in Brewing Technology course launched in Chicago in January 2020 had to be interrupted in mid-March 2020, just six weeks after it began. The modular structure of the course and the locations on two continents proved to be a stroke of luck here, enabling the course to resume seamlessly in Munich in the fall. All enrolled students (from many different nations) were allowed to enter Germany through the initiative of Doemens and thus were able to continue the course without compromising training quality; and they all “mastered” the course successfully.

Immediately upon completion of the Diploma course, 8 students enrolled in the advanced Master Brewer Program schedule. Despite Corona restrictions, thanks to the self-discipline and flexibility of all students and lecturers – with newly developed concepts put in place on short notice – the advanced training program was successfully concluded. As a representative example of newly developed concepts, we would like to highlight the implementation of microbiological practical courses in online mode utilizing camera-supported microscopes.

Even though many aspects of the course had to be improvised and our WBA students were not able to enjoy all of the attractive features – such as the European Study Tour – a positive conclusion can be drawn. Many thanks to all students and lecturers who, despite difficult circumstances, were always confident and positive and thus were able to successfully complete their final exams and are now in possession of their diplomas, of which they can be proud! Congratulations to all students on their graduation. We wish you a safe journey home and a good career start with the wind of knowledge at your back!

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