Doemens expands its range of flavourstandards

Since their introduction at Doemens, the flavourstandards for beer and water have served as a very popular tool for sensory training in small, medium-sized and larger beverage industry outlets. They are used as a practical and efficient instrument for training and collaborative trials in breweries and mineral springs, but also as a “training tool” for beer sommeliers and/or people with an affinity for beer. The simplicity of handling the toolkit, acquired through a targeted training programme geared specifically to the needs of each enterprise, allows for successful application directly in the company´s own facility.

To ensure a targeted training opportunity, Doemens now offers “flavour kits” for beer for four application areas, each containing six different flavour standards. These Flavour-Kits include

  • a starter kit with common off-flavors such as Diacetyl, DMS or Light Struck.
  • the flavour kit “Aging/Oxidation” (typical off-flavors during beer aging such as Cardboard, Menthanthiolone or Almond).
  • the flavour kit “Contamination” (typical off-flavors due to inadequate industrial hygiene, such as H2S, lactic acid or 4-VG).
  • the flavour kit “fermentation errors”  (typical fermentation by-products such as acetaldehyde, isoamyl acetate or ethyl acetates).

These Flavour-Kits are available here

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