Doemens conducts expert tasting for Monde Selection

Monde Selection, founded in 1961, is an internationally renowned quality assessment institute based in Belgium. A wide variety of consumer products such as spirits and liqueurs, beers, mineral waters and soft drinks, food products, diet and health products as well as cosmetics and personal care products are tested and awarded quality control seals by an independent jury of experts. The company follows a holistic assessment standard and awards the quality of the products with a Bronze, Silver, Gold or Grand Gold award.

Since last year, Doemens Savour Academy has been carrying out the quality assessment for the category “water and soft drinks”. The decisive factor that led to the award of this contract was its sensory expertise in waters and fruit juices, which is the focus of the sommelier training and in-house training courses at Doemens. Hundreds of products from all over the world are analysed and evaluated by a qualified panel of tasters at Doemens in Gräfelfing. Water expert Dr. Peter Schropp is supported by sensory experts Julia Steiner, Marlene Speck and Michael Eder.

The team proceeds according to a 360° quality assessment scheme. In addition to smell, taste, mouthfeel and aftertaste, visual aspects of the samples as well as design and user-friendliness of the packaging are also assessed. Each product is tasted and tested for numerous parameters, carefully selected according to the product category and consumer expectations. The scores are digitally transmitted to Monde Selection and the final result is calculated on the basis of the average points awarded by the Doemens jury.

“Tastings take place over a period of several weeks. During this time, we assemble the team several times a week to conduct tastings of the samples from a wide variety of countries of origin. Of course, the target market of the product is also taken into account in the evaluation, which makes the task all the more exciting.  It is interesting to experience the different sensory characteristics waters from different regions sometimes have. For the second year now, we are pleased to continue our support for Monde Selection with our quality assessment expertise,” says Dr. Peter Schropp

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