Multi-level, innovative training programme for employees of Namibia Breweries Limited

Two years ago, Namibia Breweries Limited (NBL) celebrated its 100th anniversary. The brewery has voluntarily committed itself to upholding the German Purity standard, which probably accounts for the fact that it has become the largest, most successful and most popular brewery in Namibia today – also enjoying high popularity in neighbouring South Africa.

The Consumer Centricity Project was set up to ensure that breweries with an annual beer output of over 2 million hectolitres maintain a close relationship with consumers. Within the framework of this project, NBL decided to rely on the expertise of the Doemens Savour Academy.

The professional development programme began with a specially developed 3-day seminar for selected employees, which was conducted by Dr. Michael Zepf, head of Doemens Savour Academy. With a total of 56 participants involved in numerous tasting sessions, the seminar placed high demands on organisation and logistics. However, the discipline and enthusiasm of the participants made it easy to guide them toward a successful outcome.

This was followed by a workshop for NBL’s marketing and sales team with a focus on consumer centricity, which produced very interesting results for short-term as well as medium- and longer-term implementation. The final event was a one-day seminar on sensory quality assurance for NBL’s QA and laboratory team. The participants were exposed to many valuable insights that will certainly help to improve their daily operations.

Due to the enthusiasm of the NBL staff and administrators, the days spent in Namibia were very special and productive, according to Dr. Michael Zepf, who would like to extend his gratitude on behalf of Doemens Savour Academy.

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