The seventh World Champion Beer Sommelier hails from Switzerland

It was a head-to-head race, the top-class jury had to deliberate under considerable pressure for over half an hour. But then they agreed unanimously: Giuliano Genoni from Switzerland was crowned the seventh World Champion of Beer Sommeliers on 11 September 2022 in the run-up to drinktec at the Munich exhibition centre with an outstanding stage presence, but also through his/her theoretical and sensory assessment skills.

For the World Championship 2022, 82 participants from 18 nations (including Brazil, Canada, South Korea, Italy, Switzerland, Austria) descended on Munich to be selected the best in their guild. The enthusiasm and passion for the product beer, but also the feeling of togetherness within the international beer sommelier scene was visible and tangible both at the get-together and at the competition itself. The world championship consisted of preliminary rounds, which were held at Doemens on 11 September 2022, as well as the grand finale held at the Munich exhibition site.

In the preliminary rounds, it quickly became apparent that performance success was a predictor of high quality. In the first two rounds, certain beer flavours and styles had to be recognised and determined from among ten glasses. A knowledge test rounded off the preliminary rounds. The best nine participants from Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Portugal and the Netherlands qualified for the final.

In a packed hall at the Munich exhibition centre, the guests created a fantastic atmosphere and cheered on their favourite finalists. A top-class jury consisting of well-known and popular experts from the international brewing and beer sommelier scene judged the skills and abilities of the finalists. The evaluation was based on the sensory assessment of each beer, thorough background knowledge about the beer (story telling), the presentation of suitable food pairings as well as performance quality.

Each finalist was given a concealed beer. The beers included exclusively internationally known beers such as Sierra Nevada Torpedo, La Trappe Quadrupel, Fullers ESB and Samuel Smith Imperial Stout. The art was to recite the information about the assigned beer within 5 minutes and to convey the messages competently in an understandable manner. It was a breathtaking final from which Giuliano Genoni emerged as the decisive winner. He succeeded best and most impressively in convincing the jury and the audience of his comprehensive versatile knowledge of the Paulaner Salvator with an appropriately artful and emotional presentation.

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The new World Champion of Beer Sommelier Giuliano Genoni (centre) with the runner-up Felix Schiffner (left) from Austria and the third-placed Léon Rodenburg from the Netherlands.
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